Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 10 Releases, 2012

By: Hannah Cook, Managing Editor

Excuse me and the ACRN editors in how long it's been since the last Drop it Like It's Hot post. Forgive me even more for the lifeless, uninformed update about to come from me. It's a slow week in music, which isn't weird for January, and so I don't recognize a lot of the albums that came out, which isn't weird for me.

Is there a bandwagon out there that I keep missing? I feel like every time I've done one of these, I don't know anything I'm talking about. Maybe I'll discover a new band to love in this process. Let us hope so.

Anyway, here goes nothing.

Keepaway, from Brooklyn, NY (Everyone is from Brooklyn, so it seems) released their first full-length titled Black Flute. I've never heard this band, so what I envisioned was some sort of morose, theatrical, indie sound, but that is not what I got when I listened to their single "Cake." Take Animal Collective, hip-hop and Prussia and you've got yourself Keepaway. And so, naturally, I like them a lot. No other songs were legally available on the web, from what I could find, but I might just like this band enough already to buy (maybe "borrow" from the Internet) the album.

And for the cutest name in country history, The Little Willies (dawwwwww!!) released For the Good Times, seven years after their first release. The songs are as classic country as they come, no less honky-tonk than Willie Nelson or Dolly Parton.

The band, which includes the lovely Norah Jones, implements harmonies that are both delightful and sad. Jones sounds so unlike her "easy listening" self that I didn't even realize it was her until after some research. Though there's nothing extraordinary about The Little Willies and their newest feat, they've still got a flare that comes few and far between in country these days.

Athens locals Mind Fish apparently came out with an album called Watch Out! Staff Writer Matt Bemer had some pretty silly things to say about it, both positive and negative. Check it out his review.

Other names that came out this week include Snow Patrol (I didn't know they were from Ireland!), Charlie Haden and Hank Jones (I don't know).

Like I said, a slow week, and a lack of knowledge.

Keep an eye and ear out for albums released in weeks to come, though, brought to you by the one and only ACRN.