Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Top 4 of January 26 - February 1, 2014

By: Marlena Scott, News Editor

1. Ricky Eat AcidThree Love Songs
By Zack Baker 

Sam Ray makes music. He makes pop-punk, shimmering indie-pop, ambient electronic, songs that border on house--I could keep going. It's insane that he does it all so well. Three Love Songs is his "debut" album under the Ricky Eat Acid moniker, although he's already pumped out dozens of songs and a handful of releases under that name. Three Love Songs is sporadic, doesn't flow all that well and (intentionally) low-fidelity, but it still manages to hook you. You may not be putting it on repeat after your first listen, but it won't be long before you're going back for more.

2. Slowdive Reconvenes

The dreamy shoegaze staple is reuniting and while I'm thrilled for new music and possibly catching a show, I'm hardly surprised. The genre has gained a strong young adult cult following and there's a huge allure to reliving the fuzz of the '90s. I'm glad Slowdive is coming back for the people and they'll probably make some good money all the while. Maybe Lush and the Cocteau Twins will get the hint and we can save all of our dough for a fuzzy dream-pop summer festival.

3. Yeezianity

I'm sure by labeling himself "Yeezus" Kanye West did not realize this was an open invitation for a 23-year-old privileged dude from Westchester County, NY to build a religion around him. This same guy takes shirtless mirror selfies. He created what is possibly the most uncomfortable video I have ever watched highlighting his religion.

4. Macklemore Wins Best Rap Album

Who the hell votes for the Grammys? Who on earth was the deciding group that shifted the vote to The Heist winning best rap album? This guy is an absolute turd. I think taking a public stance on gay rights is fantastic, especially in such a highly publicized, mainstream position, but there's something about him that rubs me the wrong way. There are plenty of movers and shakers in the gay rights movement that don't wear ridiculous, gaudy coats.

What about The Heist was rap? I remember hearing "Thrift Shop" once and thinking it was a parody. I would consider "Same Love" to be pretty poppy. Just because a guy is speaking into a microphone rather than singing doesn't mean he's rapping..

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